Mark A. Davis Cat Picture Site

Zachary Zeus, "Zachie" (Pictured on right) Purebred Maine Coon, classic brown tabby with low white, male, 18lbs, born 06/05/2010, Broadsway Cattery. Sire: Royallions Count Blackula (multiple international grand champion). Dam: DGC Broadsway Hollis (grand champion). Arrived to me on 09/04/2010

Kira Kitty, "KK" Dilute grey tortoise-shell, long hair, female, 9lb, born approx 3/2005, Chesapeake animal control.

Boomerang Ballistic, "Boomer" Purebred Maine Coon, classic red tabby with white, male, 18lb, born 9/1995, Cremocrop Cattery, CFA# 1792-1065727. Died on 08-17-2010 due to renal failure at age 15. Boomer's story

Isis Tabby/Siamese mix, short hair, female, born approx 7/1999, died 8/2/2005 from hepatic lipidosis, Norfolk Cat Rescue.

Penelope, "Pen" My first cat, white with tabby hood and tail, short hair, female, born 1976, died 11/1995 from multiple organ failure due to old age at 19.

Cat Combos

I love taking pictures of my cats. For every one picture I keep, I usually throw away 4 or 5. Cats have highly reflective eyes and tend to move at the wrong time, so photographing them can be a challenge. Also, for reasons I can't explain, they are rarely as cute in pictures as they are in real life.

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